2019 Tesla Model 3 Deep Blue Metallic

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This brand new Tesla Model 3 was delivered to our location in Southington Connecticut upon purchase . Our client had a few goals in mind when dropping off his vehicle. He wanted to bring out the luster in the paint, protect the paint from environmental elements and make maintaining the paint less labor intensive. A ceramic coating decided to be the best choice for this particular individual. In order to execute the goals listed a paint correction was require to remove any defects that were in the paint. A series of steps which included a hand wash, decontamination of the paint, compounding and polishing was performed. A residue wipe down was then performed on each panel to ensure complete removal of any potential residue. The ceramic coating was then applied to the paint, trim and plastics of the vehicle. The coating of choice for this particular customer was Crystal Serum Ultra by GTECHNIQ and a Glass Ceramic Coating Windshield Kit by GlassParency.


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